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FBR France Bike Rentals has been selling its rental bikes at the end of every season since 2006.

Since then at the exception of 2021 we’ve sold hundreds of bicycles to clients all over the world.

Of course many of our clients are people who have rented from us and knew the bikes they were buying, but thanks to word to mouth a lot more have been contacting us to buy a bike.

That’s the reason why we decided a couple of years ago to create a specific site UBH.Bike, in order to display more bikes and offer the possibility to buy directly online.

We hope this site will help you out with a bike selection. Of course you can contact us by mail at info@ubh.bike if you need more information and or pictures on a specific bike.


We Ship

We ship bikes almost anywhere. Ouside EU please contact us for a quote.

Our guarantees

If bike you receive is not what you expected, please contact us within 48h from bike delivery and depending on issue we will find a solution  to give you entire satisfaction or refund.

You can call for information

Don't hesitate to contact us by mail or call if you need more information or assistance with your bike on delivery.

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Welcome on ubh.bike

This site will be updated on a daily basis with more bikes that we will sell along with bikes already presented here.


Please take time to read our Information & Guarantees page which contains important information on how our bikes are being sold.